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Official Cohort Default Rate Search
for Postsecondary Schools
Fiscal Years 2018, 2017, 2016

Note: These rates are reflective as of September 25, 2021.

If known, you may use the school's OPEID (first six digits) to search for an individual school.


You may also search for a school by name and/or address. You may use a percent sign (%) as a wild card character. For example, a search for University of M% returns University of Montavello and other schools with similar text in the name:


Note that searching by the above criteria alone may generate a tremendous list. As such, you may do well to limit your search by filling in additional fields below.

Show only schools in the following categories:

Type of Institution:
Type of Academic Program:
Eligibility Status:

Please note: The Average Rate Formula is used to calculate the official cohort default rate for a school with 29 or fewer borrowers entering repayment during a cohort fiscal year if that school had a cohort default rate calculated for the two previous cohort fiscal years. If a school does not have 3 consecutive years of CDR data to calculate the Average Rate Formula, the rate is considered unofficial. In addition, cohort default rate data for schools with 10 borrowers or less in repayment will not be shown.


Last updated September 25, 2021

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